Balancing the heart and mind when searching for a new home

A clear and practical vision for a new home can prepare homebuyers for the best living experience possible for themselves and their families.

Many people have a unique vision for their dream home and the life they’ll build within its walls. When searching for a new home, homebuyers of all ages look for quality, security and personalization to create a happy, lasting life with loved ones.

A clear and practical vision for a new home can prepare homebuyers for the best living experience possible for themselves and their families. Creating a checklist of ideal features and necessities can help balance ideals with the practicalities of homeownership to create a smoother, happier home search and purchasing process. 

Schell Brothers, a leading home construction company based in Delaware, helps home buyers meet their personal goals for a dream home, while allowing them to identify all the practical considerations of upkeep and more, so they can start to build a happy life. 

As part of the home selection process, here are three steps aspiring homebuyers can consider on their list of priorities:

1. Choose an HOA community with distinguished customer service.

New homeowners often have many questions to ask throughout the home buying process. Real estate brokers often assist in helping answer these questions, gathering legal documents and other home improvement requirements before close. After the purchase is complete, a real estate agent’s job is done and many builders rely on subcontractors to provide home service and repairs after settlement. However, purchasing a house within an HOA community can help provide ongoing support during and after the construction and purchasing process.

HOA fee supports this ongoing maintenance which supports the quality construction that maintains homeowners’ security and peace of mind after moving into a new home. Schell Brothers boast an exceptional Warranty Service team to ensure that construction remains functional and appealing to homeowners. 

What’s more, Schell Brothers also offers a homeowner’s guide providing comprehensive information, including use and maintenance guidelines, troubleshooting tips and answers to common questions specific to each customer’s home. Homebuyers can submit service requests through an online portal to make the process easy and a team of professional coordinators can assist. Professional service located right in the community makes the occasional, yet inevitable, maintenance issues much simpler to manage.

2. Guarantee the option to customize your home.

The ideal home is different for each person. The ability for homebuyers to customize their new properties while maintaining the same high-quality construction allows them to make the necessary updates that best fit their family’s needs.

Schell Brothers maximize the customization process thanks to their Design Studio, where clients are assigned a Design Coordinator to preview and help them select personalizations for the inside and outside of their home based on when construction begins. Homeowners can also browse design selections online with the Optional Choices Guide to gain a preview of available design options that make no two homes too alike.

Schell Brothers’ Peninsula community homeowners Barry and Karen Stiefel reflect how their experience at the Design Studio was fun and easy. Together, they made personalized design selections that matched their style, easily browsing exterior designs from doors and siding color to interior features like countertops designs and lighting options.

3. Research the local community.

Finding the ideal home also requires researching the local community. Learning about the local area is part of securing a better quality of life, but it’s also a practicality that helps potential homebuyers determine the best location for their family, from promising schools districts and accessibility to downtown districts. Knowing that the home is located near local amenities, a scenic downtown, and close to neighbors ensures that a new homebuyer can create an active and social lifestyle available whenever they choose. 

Luckily, Schell Brothers’ nine coastal Delaware communities are conveniently located near downtown Lewes and Rehoboth Beaches. Residents can take full advantage of the area’s scenic downtown districts, access to shops, high-end dining and more. 

Residents can also take advantage of the beaches, parks and wildlife preserves surrounding these stunning Delaware coastal communities. Schell Brothers’ Marsh Island community sits right on Love Creek, connecting to the area’s main waterways and perfect for kayaking, water skiing and staying active with friends and family. Plus, Schell Brothers offers an online quiz to help potential homeowners find out which Delaware community best fits their needs.

Thankfully, the home search doesn’t have to be complicated. The opportunity to take advantage of Schell Brothers’ personalizations and supportive community allows any aspiring homeowner to easily find an ideal home and maintain a happy life for years to come.

Searching for a home that will fit all your needs? Reach out to Schell Brothers for an appointment and they can help you find your dream home.

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