How designers create decor that feels “naturally cooling”

Managing your home during a heatwave is no easy feat, but the way you design your rooms can impact the temperature more than you might think. The secret to a cool, light and airy interior lies in the color, furniture and texture. 

‘Look at how the Mediterranean homes do it and take inspiration from the bright white houses of Santorini,’ says James Greenwood, color expert at paint brand, Graham & Brown. ‘These houses are designed to keep heat out and replicating this style will create that holiday feeling in your home.’ To help learn how to cool down a room and heatproof your home, follow these simple tips from the design experts.

1. Use color from the cool side of the color wheel

A dark blue living room

(Image credit: Natelee Cocks Photography. Design: Natasha Sturko Interiors)

Firstly, think about the color palette of the room and look to the color wheel for inspiration. Select a cool color scheme with icier tones of blue, green and greys that have a lower temperature and the space will feel cooler.