Most people want to save money as soon as the new year arrives. Solar energy is a great way to do this. Many of us were also caught off guard by the Florida winter storm of 2021. Many Floridians have since added efficiency to their homes and purchased a Tesla battery or a generator for their home to protect them and save money. You can make your home more efficient with the right panels or batteries.

How important is equipment in making decisions about a solar panel system? It’s very important because there are so many solar panels available and so many other factors to consider. There’s efficiency, there’s degradation. The solar panel comes with a warranty. And then there’s the temperature it can produce. The coefficient temperature of certain premium solar panels is extremely important as they produce more heat than some other panels. The efficiency of economy panels in Florida is still excellent. Their efficiency rating is still high in the teens, near 20. The highest efficiency ratings currently range from 19 to 22.

We have both the premium and economy line of solar panels equipment. You’ll be glad to know that Red Solar has both the premium and economy line of solar panels in Florida. This means you can make the right investment. Why? We have the best warranties! We know you want the best equipment. This is why we offer a bumper to bumper warranty. The panel guard is 25 years and covers labor, shipping, as well as monitoring. It also covers service maintenance. The roof is also covered. We cover the roof wherever we replace that panel. This covers the cost of cleaning the panels. This is the most important thing that helps these solar panels last a long time.

If you have Florida solar panels or are interested in solar and batteries for your home, the most sought-after home battery is the Tesla Home Battery. Also known as the Tesla Powerwall. Because of its strong technology, Tesla is the largest battery we have at this time. The Tesla home battery, also known as “Powerwall”, can do many things. It does its own diagnostics and it handles.

This post was written by a professional at Red Solar. Red Solar was started with the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We want everyone to travel through this transition. We can all agree that solar is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s not the only way. During a Red Solar energy evaluation, all energy commons in your home will be analyzed for results. Our expert technicians will guide you through the process for better understanding and reassurance. Looking for the best solar panels in Delray Beach? Then contact us for more information today!