Simple Aeration Systems Can Improve the Water Quality of Entire Lakes

Many people dream of living next to a lake, but the reality sometimes proves to be less satisfying and beautiful than hoped. Many lakes suffer from any of a variety of possible problems, but at least a few of these common issues can be addressed successfully.

One of the most frequently encountered obstacles is a lack of aeration in lake water. Water that is not aerated enough through natural means can become host to a variety of undesirable issues like excessive algae and low overall quality. Fortunately, there are a variety of commercially available lake aerators that can be used to improve just about any such situation significantly.

Devices Dedicated to Putting Oxygen-Laden Air Into Water

Many people who have kept small aquariums as hobbyists will have owned devices that were used to keep the water within them properly aerated. When gaseous oxygen and other components of air are passed through water or vice verse, a frequently productive type of mixing happens along the way.

Water can accept and hold in solution a certain amount of dissolved gas for a given amount of its own volume. While it is possible to exceed this built-in limit by putting water and gas under pressure, that will never be a practical option outside of a laboratory or similarly controlled setting.

Using an aeration device for a lake means simply attempting to get closer to that ceiling than is presently the case. Various types of lake aerating systems differ from others with regard to important factors like:

  • Oxygenation rate. Any lake aeration equipment under consideration should have an appropriate amount of capacity for the body of water in question. This is most often expressed as the rate at which it adds oxygen to water, a figure that normally depends upon the system’s power.
  • Method of operation. There are two basic approaches to aerating water: Either bubbles of air can be allowed to rise through the liquid, or water can be agitated or displaced through air. Either option can be effective, depending upon the situation.

A Simple Way to Achieve Improved Water Quality

Choosing an appropriate type of aeration equipment can help make the water in almost any lake more appealing. With many different products being available, selecting an aeration system that suits a given situation well will always pay off.