10 kitchen island lighting ideas to illuminate the focal point of your space

Kitchen island lighting ideas are a key part of your kitchen design. An island is often the focal point of a kitchen, it works hard, being used as a prepping area for cooking, an space for socializing, and even a place to perch a laptop and get some work done. We ask a lot of an island and your lighting choices need to reflect these multiple functions. 

But kitchen island lighting needn’t always be purely practical, it can be (and should be) beautiful too. The island is a centerpiece in a kitchen and the lighting should enhance that – statement pendants, vintage chandeliers, ornate globe lights all work beautifully when hung over an island and can have just as much of an impact as the color you choose for your cabinets or the style of worktop material you go for. Plus if you are looking for quick kitchen ideas to switch up your space, changing up your kitchen island lighting can be an easy way to instantly refresh your room. 

What is the best lighting for a kitchen island?