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All about Actors Who Perform Their Own Stunts

The movie industry has really grown over the years owing to the numerous advancements that have been made in technology. Special effects have really made work easier for actors because they no longer have to perform their own stunts. It may still be entertaining to go home to an action movie but the use of special effects to do stunts has taken out thrill of watching action movies for a lot of people. Still in the movie industry, you will find actors who are not afraid to take the risk involved in some stunts in a bid to keep movies exciting for the fans. These article seeks to look at actors who have kept it real in a world where almost everything has become fake.

The first actor on our list is Jason Statham. Jason ensures he maintains the excitement of a film he is featured in for his fans by refusing to allow any doubles to perform his scenes, no matter how difficult they are. Jason is one of the few actors who still believe in the thrill of performing their own stunts. In fact, his love for performing almost cost him his life while he was acting Expendables 3. Statham survived only because he is a professional diver.

Next on our list is Tom Cruise. To Cruise is mainly known for his willingness to do even the craziest stunts. Cruise became more famous after pulling off two of the craziest stunts in Mission Impossible and Rogue One. His willingness to do these stunts will make his name live on in Hollywood.

Representing female actors on our list is Angelina Jolie. She has done the stunts in most of her movies. Some of her stunts have been as dangerous as to leave her with concussions, such as those in her famous movie salt.
Jackie Chan is the fourth actor on our list. He started out as Bruce Lee’s stuntman and then went on to create his own name. His movies and incredible stunts have contributed to the taking up of karate by a lot of children. Jackie Chan does not limit himself to martial arts however, he has also scaled tall buildings, jumped from moving vehicles and dangled from helicopters while trying to deliver to his fans.

Cameron Diaz is the fourth actor on this list. Though she has done a lot of romantic comedies, she has also made a name for herself in action movies. She has performed her own stunts no matter how difficult they are in most of her movies. In the movies Knight and Day and Charlie’s Angels, Diaz chose to do all her stunts by herself and she prepared for this with intense training.

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