Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a huge update on November 5. There’s going to be a ton of new features including returning villagers, the Roost, fence customization, Gyroids and new house remodeling. All that, and the first ever paid DLC (which features home remodeling) will be released in just a couple of weeks.

The new house remodeling feature is going to be one that players use quite a bit as they often redo their islands. Players will now be able to completely redesign their house. Here’s how they’ll be able to do that.

Guide to remodeling in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unfortunately, home remodeling will only be available with the paid DLC. The Happy Home Paradise DLC focuses on creating new homes for villagers, but the features will be accessible on the home island where players can remodel their homes as well as their villages. The DLC retails for about $30 USD and will be released with the update (though pre-orders are available).

There will also be a ton of new features that will help with the remodeling, including ceiling furniture. Players will now be able to hang lights and other items from their ceilings, taking the interior decorating to a new level. There are also new building blocks, like partition walls, that can totally change a room.

Also coming with the DLC is the ability to adjust the room size. This can be used to perfectly size a room and make sure there is a perfect amount of space. Both length and width can be adjusted accordingly.

There are also new color variations for the lighting coming in the 2.0 update, giving Animal Crossing players the opportunity to control the mood in a room with relative ease. Light can also be dimmed or brightened to give players total control over the brightness in a room.

my animal crossing villagers when i decide to remodel their homes at 3am for the fourth time that week

Soundscapes have also been introduced. These function as background noises for a room, so the mood can be controlled with sound as well. The player’s selected music will replace the typical background music found in New Horizons.

Animal Crossing soundscapes are also being introduced. Image via Nintendo
Animal Crossing soundscapes are also being introduced. Image via Nintendo

With all these new features, homes and rooms are going to look entirely different following the update.