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Adding insulation to a home can help prevent heat loss and decrease energy expenses for homeowners as they go through the home winterizing process. Some parts of a home need insulation more than others, and ceilings can be an overlooked area to insulate. Insulating a ceiling takes some attention to detail as it needs to fit between pipes and other features. The same insulation used in other parts of the house will usually suffice to add to ceilings, you just won’t need as much.

Ceiling Insulation Costs*

How Much Does Ceiling Insulation Cost?

Insulation costs vary depending upon the material and R-value. R-value indicates the insulation’s ability to provide protection and retain heat.

Loose fill/blown-in insulation has several types: cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool and wool fiber.

What Type of Insulation Is Best for Ceilings?

The right kind of insulation depends on your home’s region. There are seven R-value regions in the U.S. and the colder the climate, the higher the suggested R-value. For ceilings and attics, suggested R-values range from R-30 to R-49.

Roll/Batt Insulation Costs

Loose Fill/Blown-In Insulation

How Much Insulation for Ceilings?

A quick way to determine how much insulation you’ll need for ceilings is to take the total square footage of the project area and divide that number by the total square footage in a bag of insulation. Johns Manville provides an easy insulation calculator to determine how much insulation you need.

Is It Worth Insulating a Ceiling?

The more insulation you can provide your home with is usually a good thing. Insulation improves heating and cooling efficiency while lowering energy costs. Insulating your ceilings will cost between $875 to $7,350 for a 1,200-square foot area, depending upon the blown-in insulation material used.

The average cost to install roll/batt insulation is about $1,050 to $2,475, depending upon the size of the project and R-value of the insulation used. It’s always wise to provide your home with extra insulation as insulating an attic typically ranks as the number-one home improvement for return on investment.

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