Avoid This Longview Remodeling Contractor

If you’ve ever gone through some kind of home improvement or remodeling of your home, you know it can be stressful and a nightmare at times.

When it comes to home remodeling or home improvement projects that require a contractor, East Texas has many reputable, upstanding contractors that do outstanding work for their clients. However, with any industry, there are a few that don’t live by the same code of ethics as the others and their customers end up losing out. Customers will lose out on a lot of money, time and patience. Plus that particular industry is tarnished in that customer’s view.

The Better Business Bureau Central East Texas office (Tyler-Longview) has issued a statement on the BBB website notifying the public that PRISTINExteriors in Longview has lost their BBB accreditation and rating. They are now listed with an ‘F’ rating because of bad business practices. What prompted this change was a host of complaints that the BBB received from PRISTINExterios’ customers stating the company is not following up or completing the work that they were hired to do after taking down payments for projects to begin.

Complaints about the company started rolling in early summer and have steadily increased since. Each of the complaints has a similar story, the customer gave the company a down payment to begin the improvement project, and in some cases, they gave a second and third payment to PRISTINExterios so that work would continue. Demolition work would begin on the project and then, in most cases, it would move on and then all of a sudden come to a stop. At that point, many homeowners were left with a mess on their property.

Homeowners would begin calling the company and inquire about a completion date and in most cases, those calls and text messages would go unanswered. Fed up with the run-around, nine of the business’s customers have filed complaints at the BBB against the remodeling business. These clients are out anywhere from $2000 to more than $10,000 on different projects that are in different stages of completion. Although the BBB has no recourse against this company, they are assisting these customers with advice on how to get their money returned and the issue resolved.

Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas
Better Business Bureau Central East Texas

If you’re thinking about some kind of home improvement or remodeling project in the future and you’re going to need a contractor to help you complete that job, the Better Business Bureau offers up these tips:

  • research and gather information
  • ask for references
  • inquire about multiple quotes
  • get it in writing
  • verify license and insurance
  • confirm building permits
  • inquire about a lien waiver
  • think about future service issues
  • arrange a payment schedule
  • get a receipt
  • keep your contract

The BBB has lots of helpful information for you when it comes to home improvement projects and some have special factors that you need to consider, especially when it comes to roofing, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and landscaping or lawn care.

Let’s hope these people that have been affected by PRISTINExteriors work out their issues with them and they get their money back or the project is completed.

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