Can A Roofer Fix Or Replace Your Chimney?

Just because roofers are excellent at repairing and rebuilding roofs, It could be tempting to call them to fix your chimney problem. Still, it is essential to note that they lack the vast expertise and experience needed to check and repair chimneys. However, you don’t want to use your chimney for some trial and error.

A qualified roofer would frequently advise the homeowner to hire a chimney specialist to repair chimney leaks.

The cause of your chimney’s leak may be unknown, but it’s also possible that it’s unclear which direction you should seek assistance. Is it better to hire a roofer, a chimney sweep, or a brick mason? It depends on the type of chimney repair you require; each skill focuses on certain parts of the chimney. While there is some overlap in chimney repair work, all three trades are valuable and necessary.

Knowing the three most prevalent reasons when deciding who to call, a chimney leak is an excellent place to start. Here’s a breakdown of the types of services you can expect from each trade.


The primary wheelhouse of expertise for a roofing business or a roofer is the flashing and counter-flashing portion of chimney repairs; what exactly is flashing? Step flashing forms a metallic structural barrier between the chimney and the roof. A competent roofer should be contacted when chimney leaks are caused by faulty or poorly fitted flashing. They’ll be able to remove the roofing material around the chimney, install new flashings and counter flashing, and repair the roofing to seal the roof-to-chimney connection. This information is presented by our company for roofing Dallas TX.

Chimney Sweeps 

A chimney sweeping company will typically perform a wide range of specialty chimney services, including flue and liner inspections and cleaning, new fireplace installation, chimney capping and damper installation. A chimney sweep’s second crucial job is masonry waterproofing and sealing the concrete cap, or “crown,” that sits on top of the chimney. Waterproofing the brick and coating the crown of the chimney are two methods used by chimney sweeps to prevent water intrusion into the home or structure through porous masonry. Tuckpointing and replacing poor or broken bricks are also services provided by chimney sweeps.

Brick Masons

If the chimney needs to be pulled down and rebuilt, or if a large-scale tuck point job is required, the brick mason will be your best option. Brick masons will have the tools and skills to safely and rapidly demolish the chimney. They may even be able to rescue the good bricks.

Each of these trades overlaps in some ways, such as roofing contractors that tuck point and chimney sweeps who pull down and rebuild leaking chimneys, but understanding what to expect from each will help you select which chimney repair option is ideal for your case.

Start with companies that give free estimates or evaluations if you still can’t decide who to call. Even if they don’t work on the problem area explicitly, they may be able to suggest you to someone who does.

What Is A Chimney Repair Person Called?

The word “chimney sweep” refers to a technician specializing in chimney safety laws and codes. A good chimney sweep shows up on time and with all necessary tools (ladders, drop cloths, vacuums, etc.). Chimney sweeps are trained to always leave your home in a better condition than when they arrived. The entire chimney sweep procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Can A Roofer Install A Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are protective covers for the top of your chimney. They’re typically made of steel or copper mesh and come in various styles to match your home’s exterior. A cap sits on top of the mesh ring, protecting your chimney from rain and downdrafts. A new chimney cover will cost between $150 and $200 plus installation.

It is advisable to engage a certified chimney sweep with knowledge of fireplace/chimney mechanics and roof safety rather than installing caps yourself or by an unskilled staff such as a roofer.

What Happens If Chimney Collapses?

Chimney collapse might not always occur immediately. It would be best to note the warning signs that appear long before the failure occurs. Cracks split and misalignment of bricks are among the most common. Huge blocks or debris may fall into the chimney opening or off the roof. If it falls directly onto the roof, this is when the expertise of a roofer would be warranted for roof repair or replacement.

The material falling into the fireplace may be the first significant issue you notice. The firebox will be littered with bricks and bits that have fallen down the chimney. Each piece could scratch the interior lining, allowing dust, soot, and carbon to settle and smoke to enter the living room or den; this might produce obstructions, preventing air from escaping.

All brick chimneys will eventually degrade. A chimney check should be performed at least once a year as a homeowner. Repairs should be made as soon as possible and by someone familiar with chimney repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Chimney Cracks?

Repairing a chimney costs between $160 and 750 dollars, or $455 on average, according to Home Advisor. A simple chimney repair can cost anywhere from $90 to $1,800.

Chimney repairs can range from routine maintenance to severe problems such as leaning chimneys. What you’ll pay is determined by several criteria, including the scope of the repair, the part of your chimney that needs to be repaired, and the material of your chimney.


Making the best option on the suitable chimney professionals or company to handle your project should be your top priority if you want to get the best results for your chimney installation. More so, you must also understand the type of specialist who would solve your chimney problem. Choosing a good company to work with your budget will help expedite the installment or repair of your chimney within a short time frame.