House Washing for All Houses

The two things that will keep your property looking freshly painted and well maintained is yearly house washing and window cleaning.

Both of these cleaning services will keep the exterior of your home looking as if you have freshly painted it.

If you have trees surrounding your home, you know how quickly dust and sap from the trees build up on your home, and living in Queensland brings the extra humidity problems with mildew growing in damp areas out of the sunlight.

Trying to do these cleaning jobs yourself takes a lot of time and you will need to buy or hire the equipment needed plus you will need to be up on ladders with someone assisting you.

Please do not confuse house washing with high-pressure cleaning and if you do use a high-pressure cleaner oh your home’s exterior you will quickly see why this is a problem and we don’t use them.

High-pressure cleaners will damage the exterior surface and this includes painted surfaces!

They force water into areas that water should not go into – such as ventilation or weep holes and through and under window and door frames which is never recommended.

An inexperienced high-pressure cleaner user will also struggle at keeping the cleaning work even. Have you ever seen a house with zebra stripes?

We have, and we often have to go and fix up someone’s “good idea” of using a gurney on their home’s exterior because they wanted to save some money by DIY.

Professional Brisbane Cleaning Company for Clean Windows and Homes

House washing is done by using cleaning solutions and a gentle spray with some physical brush contact if needed.

Mould, dirt, and mildew are washed away without damaging paint or brickwork.

Our house washing Brisbane service is ideal for brick homes too!

Often a brick home never has the brickwork cleaned and homeowners are stunned when they see fresh-looking bricks emerge from years of trapped dirt and dust sitting on top of the brickwork and the mortar. Often there is black mildew on bricks that is not obvious until it is washed away.

We also wash the eaves and outdoor areas like patios and pergolas.

There is no preparation needed for house washing except to ensure all windows and doors are closed and any outdoor furniture is moved away from the house so it doesn’t get wet.

After having your house washed, consider getting the window cleaning Brisbane style service completed which involves the inside and outside windows cleaned and dried as the finishing touch.

Have you ever tried to clean every window inside and outside including all the window tracks and sills of your home in one day? It is a massive undertaking and will take hours if not several days to get the results that you want.

When windows are professionally cleaned, they will be crystal clear and all window tracks and sills will also be cleaned which extends the life by many years. Dirt, when left to sit on surfaces including glass, will start to itch and scratch the surface.

Clean streak-free windows are the biggest mood enhancer – When clear light filters into a room the mood is instantly lifted. Everything looks brighter and lighter.

If you are considering selling your home – Washing your house and cleaning the windows may save you the expense of having to have your home painted.

We know first impressions count and a clean bright-looking home is the best way to impress a potential buyer.

Will you add house washing or window cleaning to your annual homes maintenance checklist?