How Do Tree Roots Get into Sewer Lines?

While trees can be a lovely addition to our yards, did you know that they can pose a danger to our underground pipes? Tree roots in your sewer lines can cause serious damage to your plumbing system.

How Can Tree Roots Get Into Your Sewer Line?

Trees need to have enough water, nutrients, and oxygen in order to survive. Tree roots will search for the right amount of each of these things if they don’t get enough. Our sewer lines are a problem because they provide exactly what tree roots need.

A crack in a pipe is the easiest place for a tree root or other roots to enter a sewer line. This will signal the tree that it can access water and oxygen in the sewer line. It also allows the roots to enter the pipe. Once a tree root penetrates a pipe it will continue growing into the pipe.

A crack in a pipe can allow a tree root to get into your sewer line. However, this is not necessary. Even without an opening, tree roots can penetrate most sewer lines.

What Can Tree Roots Do to Your Sewer Line?

Tree roots can cause a slowdown in the flow of your drains if they get into your sewer line. A gurgling sound coming from the toilet bowl is often the first sign that this is happening. It can lead to a blockage in your sewer line if it isn’t addressed. The root will expand at the original entry point, which could lead to the pipe bursting.

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