How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your Boiler

In most UK households, the boiler is often taken for granted until it breaks down. All of a sudden, the house is cold, dirty dishes are piling up and a hot shower is out of the question. It can be a stressful situation, and many homeowners worry about making the wrong decision, but this is what you need to think about to make sure you make the right choice between fix or replace.

Where to Start

Many manufacturers offer long warranties which also cover parts and labour. Firstly, check if your equipment is still covered, as this could provide a very simple solution that won’t cost you a penny.

Who to Call?

There’s a reason the boiler is one of the most feared appliances in the home. It is a complicated piece of kit and in the wrong hands can be extremely dangerous. Have peace of mind by only working with a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Your energy supplier will likely have a preferred contractor, but you may find a more efficient and economical solution locally. There are a number of Gloucester boiler servicing specialists, so take the time to shop around. As this is a common situation for most people, you could also ask friends and family or request a recommendation on your social media.

Why It Could Be More Efficient in the Long Term to Replace Your Boiler

The average life-span of a boiler is 10-15 years. Once your boiler has reached this age, the warranty will have expired and the chances of further faults increase. The wisest action is to prepare for this by saving or comparing various finance options that suppliers such as HPR offer.

Despite that initial expense or taking on the commitment of the cost of a new boiler installation on finance, most new A-rated boilers installed by approved Gas Safe engineers come with a 10-year warranty and can also bring down your energy bills by hundreds of pounds a year through improved efficiency.

Decision Time

Once you’ve decided to replace your boiler, you will then need to select which system works best in your home. There are many brands to choose from, and whether it’s a combi, standard, system or back boiler, your engineer will help you choose the most appropriate set-up for your household.