How to Do The Best Airbnb Hosts Design Bedrooms?

Becoming a super host on Airbnb is not a simple task. Not only does your customer service need to be on point, but the bedrooms of each property need to be top-notch. People opt to stay in Airbnb over normal hotels simply because they can feel more at home. Being at home means being more comfortable and having a sound night of sleep. your bedrooms in the properties you are hosting need to encourage this peaceful feeling in guests. It is no good having a sought-after property, then coming to realise that the guests are leaving poor reviews for the bedroom and the quality of design it has. Take a look at the following suggestions as to how you can create the bed Airbnb bedroom design possible:

Make it feel like home 

 As mentioned, people opt to stay in Airbnb as opposed to hotels due to the homely feeling they can present. Your bedroom design needs to optimise the feeling of guests being cosy, at home, and in their beds. This can be as simple as adding featured artwork on the wall, or even putting an alarm clock next to the bed. A lot of hosts forget the importance of making their properties a home away from home, so keep this in mind throughout the design process.

Go overboard on the blankets

You can never be too cosy in a bedroom. Sleep is what bedrooms are for, so why not optimise your guest’s ability to sleep by going all out with the blankets and pillows? Make sure that first your actual duvets are nice and plump, and then invest in quality fitted bed sheets and duvet covers. Just a quick tip to prepare for disasters, make sure you have mattress and duvet protectors. This will save you a pretty penny by investing in a whole new mattress should there be any stains.

Invest in hotel-quality bedding 

The one thing that hotels have nailed is the quality of bedding. Hotel bedding is soft, and plump and supports a great night of sleep. Make sure that you are investing in great bedding that is thick and comfortable. Thin and flimsy bedding is only appropriate for hot climate countries if your Airbnb is in one. 

Add some life to the room

Adding some life into the room can be as simple as adding some fake plant pots into the room. Giving your bedroom a unique selling point and design presence will encourage guests to choose your property over the competitors. A pop of colour in the curtains can also be an easy win when you are looking to create a specific design for the bedroom. Fake plants are especially helpful when it comes to limiting the maintenance that is needed on the property, plus they are easily replaceable should there be any disasters. 

Bottom line 

To conclude, if you hope to receive lots of great reviews and booking from your property, you should make sure that you are creating a beautiful bedroom design. Make additions such as hotel-quality bedding which will make it feel high-end as well as homely.