How to Start a Cleaning Business

Nowadays cleaning companies are in great demand whether we are talking about death cleanup services, ship cleaning, medical waste disposal services, local biohazard cleanup services, or water damage cleanup services. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and set up your cleaning company, you should know what kind of equipment to buy, what uniform your staff needs, and what cleaning products they will use. Not every cleaning company requires the same products as it depends on what cleaning your staff will be dealing with. However, it’s possible to start with the basic list of tools that are indispensable for any type of cleaning procedure.  

List of essential cleaning tools:

  • Sponges and washcloths.
  • Microfiber cloths.
  • Napkins for glass polishing.
  • Cleaning brushes.
  • Mops and buckets.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Plastic boxes for essentials.

Of course, this is only a basic list suitable for both home cleaning and professional cleaning. Cleaning companies dealing with more extreme cleaning like local biohazard cleanup services must use more advanced cleaning products and more reliable uniforms for staff as biological waste is considered hazardous waste which poses a threat to human health and requires corresponding treatment. Biological waste is the remains of tissues and organs formed in the course of medical activities, as well as the death of various species of animals and birds and the processing of materials of animal origin. So, if you are planning to provide biohazard cleanup services, you should know that you will deal with such waste as dead animals, parts of the human body and skin,  materials from microbiological laboratories, materials that had contact with infectious patients, etc., and correspondingly, the set of tools, equipment, uniform and cleaning products must be suitable for dealing with this type of hazardous waste.

In addition, you need special equipment such as vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, or a steam generator. If you want to provide biohazard cleanup services, you will need special biological waste incinerators and for providing medical waste disposal services, professionals shredders might come in handy. 

Larger companies, or those that must move between locations, will also need to consider purchasing special transport.  You may consider hiring or purchasing a service van that will meet all the necessary requirements. Of course, it will add up to your initial expenses. 

What are the costs of starting a cleaning company?

If you are planning to start a home cleaning business, it’s possible to invest little money, especially if there will be 2 to 4 employees working in your start-up. You can also save money by buying cleaning products and tools in bulk online or from wholesalers. It’s often cheaper to buy directly from manufacturers.

If you want to start a specialized cleaning company, for example, local biohazard cleanup services or disaster cleaning services,  the startup costs can be much higher because you will have to invest in specialized cleaning equipment and get a special license to provide these services.

Hiring staff for your cleaning company is not a difficult task as cleaning is a job that all types of people can do. You don’t need to check if people have the right qualifications or experience, all you need to do is to find people who have the list of desirable qualities like punctuality and a sense of responsibility. As long as your employees are hardworking, full of energy, and trustworthy you can rely on them. However, when it comes to providing local biohazard cleanup services, the requirements for the personnel are higher. The staff working with hazardous waste should possess certain knowledge and skills, so be ready to invest additional money in personnel training.

Whatever cleaning company you want to set up, it will surely be profitable because the demand for these services is very high.