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Experts say we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s important that the room we sleep in feels comfortable, inviting and, most importantly, our own. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas to bolster your bedroom, no matter your taste or the size of your space.

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Read on for our list of inspiring master bedroom design ideas to take your bedroom from dreary to a total oasis.

1. Cave of Slumber

Nothing says cozy quite like a moody palette. Go for darker, rich tones for your wall color and furniture to create a sophisticated sleepy cave. If painting your entire space a deep hue feels intimidating, try painting just the ceiling or incorporating darker linens and accessories.

2. Pastoral Florals

If you prefer things on the pastoral side, try adding wallpaper with a subdued country-scape or floral print to your space. The elegant blue and white pattern featured in this space designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects is fresh and simple and pairs excellently with other blue accents without the space feeling monotonous.

3. Add a Plant

Plants and greenery add life to any space and are a great contrast to warm neutrals and cool greys alike. Choose plants that work well for the lighting available in your room, and don’t be afraid to go big, as tall plants are a great way to add some visual interest.

4. Add a Throwback

Vintage and heirloom items are a great way to add charm to any space. If you tend toward an eclectic space, look for quirky pieces or more rustic items. If your space is particularly modern, try pairing a mid-century dresser or lamp that maintains those modern lines, but with a bit of retro warmth. Accessories and art are a great way to dip your toe into the vintage pool too, try out different styles and find what feels most natural.

5. All-White Everything

When in doubt, keep it simple. An all-white bed looks fresh and inviting while also pairing well with just about anything. For a paired back design, add in natural wood furniture, textured blankets or a fluffy rug for warmth.

6. Go for a Mellow Montone

If an all-white bedroom feels bland, but you aren’t quite ready for dramatic jewel tones, pick a pastel or neutral color like beige or gray and deploy it generously around your space. Pair your mellow tone with crisp, lighter shades in the same family for a fresh, warm feeling, or choose darker shades for a touch of drama.

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7. Keep it Natural

If your space is cozy, but still feels a bit cold, try adding in a bit of warmth with natural materials. Leather and wood contrast whites and cooler colors for more visual interest. Layer in fur, shearling and wool for rich texture, or go with linen fabrics and rattan accents for a more beachy aesthetic.

8. It’s Not all Fluff

Bedrooms should be cozy, but that doesn’t mean they have to be all soft shapes and fluffy textures. Don’t be afraid to add in “hard” shapes with your furniture and accessories to add definition and contrast. Glossy enamel, metallic accessories, mirrors and more angular furniture, like in this room designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, can all help to balance out that downy cloud of a bed.

9. Let Your Linens Make an Impact

The bedroom is full of opportunities to use interesting fabrics and linens, so you might as well use it. Dark sheets and blankets can add drama without having to opt for a fresh coat of paint. Sprinkle in interesting or bold patterns for a touch of whimsy. As shown in this room, also designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, even a simple pinstripe can add a tad more intrigue to an otherwise paired down space.

10. Curate Your Curtains

No matter how modern or traditional your space, curtains are a practical and elegant way to add in that finishing touch. Go for rich velvet blackout curtains for a more glamorous space, or an ephemeral sheer panel that will fade into the background. Curtains are also a great way to introduce a fun color or pattern without committing to an entire new design.

11. Remember a Rug

Another practical but essential design piece is the rug. Great for grounding your space (pun intended), the right rug, like the one in this room designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, will help tie in the colors of your design, delineate different zones in a large space and of course, keep your toes warm on a chilly winter morning. Shop around for a vintage wool rug if you have a more eclectic taste, or opt for a neutral colored silk rug for a more lush elegance.

12. Keep it Even

Nothing says “I am a put together adult” like a pair of matching nightstands, but just because a space has symmetry doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Choose a fun or interesting light fixture like a pair of dramatic pendants or funky sconces to take your space from boring to bold.

13. Hang Your Nightstand

Why not save a little floor space and mount your nightstand to the wall? Use a simple floating shelf, like the one in this room designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, for a subtle touch of elegance, or maximize your storage with a custom wall shelf with drawers and all the nooks you might need.

14. Take Things Out of Balance

A little asymmetry never hurt anyone. In fact, asymmetry can help make a space feel more lived-in and is particularly great for those with a more eclectic taste. Try placing two different lights on either side of the bed or using different objects for nightstands, like a shelf and old stool.

15. Make it Your Own

Last but certainly not least, maybe the most important thing about any bedroom is that it suits the person it belongs to. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Incorporate a large shelf, like the one in this room designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, to make space for favorite books, nostalgic objects and favorite pieces of art. When in doubt, start with the things you love and design your space in a way that celebrates them.

No matter your taste or style, with a little bit of thought and intention anyone can have the bedroom of their dreams, on and off the pillow.

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