Protection From Wind Damage: Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles

Two things are most important to homeowners when it comes down to roofs: their durability and visual appeal. These two areas are especially important to consider when looking at your roof’s sloped hips and ridges. Sloped ridges are the area where the roof planes meet and can be a problem. They can also disrupt a clean, consistent appearance.

This problem can be solved by installing hip and ridge caps shingles.

Wind Blows Off and Causes Damage

Sloped ridges are an area that is exposed on your roof and would be susceptible to moisture damage. You should also be aware of wind damage.

Gale-force winds can cause some shingles to be blown off, causing a roof tear-off. You can reduce moisture damage and shingle blow off by installing hip and/or ridge cap shingles.

Each house is unique and should be treated as such. It’s best to choose a manufacturer with a variety of options. A large number of options will almost always be available from large manufacturers.

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