Roof Repair in Spokane

Everything you need to know about roof repair

When you own your own home, a lot of worries fall on your shoulders. You need to take care about the safety of the building of your home. One of the things you have to take into your account as a homeowner is the roof. We’ve collected the most popular questions about the repair and replacement of the roof and will answer them as clearly as possible.

How do I know if my roof is damaged?

Inspection of the roof allows you to determine the presence of mechanical damage, corrosion and pest intrusion, as well as the presence of moss and mold. An inspection also determines if your roof needs repair or replacement. Of course, there are objective reasons that indicate the repair is required: a strong water leak, mechanical damage to the roof (for example, crumbling tiles), mold in the attic, puddles under the roof (this indicates that the gutters are clogged). These indications are the signs that you must contact the roof repair contractors immediately.

How do I know if my roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced

Once the Roof inspection is completed, the concerned inspector will tell you whether you need a complete roof replacement or just a roof repair. It all depends on the level of damage. Unfortunately, there are situations when the roof has to be completely changed and significant amounts of money have to be spent. Our experts will help you choose the best option to eliminate problems with the roof.

Can I repair or make a new roof myself?

We cannot prevent you from doing anything, however, it is not recommended to repair and install the roof by yourself. The best option is to call the reliable roof contractors, as they have the professional training and specialized equipment for the job.

How long will a roof repair take and how much will it cost?

The answer to both of these questions will be the same – depending on the level of complexity of the work. As for the time-consumption of the repair is concerned, we can say that our company does its best to complete the entire repair process within the shortest time period possible, while maintaining the quality at the proper level. The price of services for the repair and replacement of the roof is calculated separately for each client.

How to choose the best roof contractor?

If you are looking for the best contractor – contact Advance Roofing LLC. Our quality services are well known and highly recognized among our customers, because we take complete responsibility for our work, give the best customer service, and also deal with the best suppliers.