The ultimate kitchen & cookware Spring cleaning checklist for 2023

Spring cleaning is different from routine daily or weekly cleaning jobs, and that is especially true in the kitchen. The work of doing dishes, wiping off the countertops and sweeping or vacuuming up crumbs can get in the way of cleaning and performing routine maintenance on household appliances, or tackling a dirty and disorganized pantry, making spring cleaning a smart time to take care of those crucial tasks.

In addition to major kitchen appliances, small appliances like the microwave or coffee maker need routine upkeep — we have guides that can help you perform these simple but important cleaning jobs. Organization projects, also, are jobs many people tackle during spring cleaning, and we have help for that, too, with expert tips and recommendations for the best organizers to buy.

Dish soap is wildly versatile and can be used to clean almost everything in the kitchen, from the top of the cabinets all the way down to the floor.

When it comes to the kitchen, a good thing to know is that one product can perform just about every cleaning job there is. (That product is dish soap.) But there are certainly other cleaning agents, and a good number of cleaning tools, that address kitchen messes ranging from foul fridges to smoky ovens that you may want to know about as you begin your spring cleaning.

Lead Odor Eliminator

Active charcoal is a fantastic odor absorber and eliminator that has many uses, including tackling smells in the fridge.

One of the best parts of spring cleaning is the feeling of freshening things up, and there’s no better way to achieve a fresh-feeling home than addressing stale or foul odors. We’ve got odor-eliminating products for uses from the mundane, like keeping smells in the refrigerator at bay, to the esoteric, like fish oil spills.

underscored lead wash windows

A squeegee will leave your windows sparkling clean, unlike cloths that can leave behind lint.

Spring cleaning efforts in the kitchen tend to focus on major appliances like the oven or refrigerator, and we’ve got plenty of help for those tasks. But washing the kitchen windows shouldn’t be overlooked, because it’s a job with a lot of payoff at the end.

underscored amazon hard to clean tools

When it comes to cleaning moldings and window casings, skip the ladder and get a telescoping cleaning tool.

The kitchen is full of hard-to-reach places that rarely get cleaned — and that probably really need some attention! Cabinet tops, moldings and window casings are high up, making it hard to both reach and see what you’re cleaning. We’ve got products that solve those problems, as well as tips for using them most effectively and efficiently.

underscored lead tile cleaning

Even with regular cleaning and care, tile and grout floors can become dingy as foot traffic drives dirt, dust and grime into porous grout. If the thought of deep-cleaning grout has you imagining hours spent scrubbing with a toothbrush, fear not — there is a technique that takes the heavy lifting out of deep-cleaning grout, by using a solution made of oxygenated bleach that does most of the work for you.

Even with regular cleaning and care, tile and grout floors can become dingy as foot traffic drives dirt, dust and grime into porous grout. If the thought of deep-cleaning grout has you imagining hours spent scrubbing with a toothbrush, fear not — there is a technique that takes the heavy lifting out of deep-cleaning grout, by using a solution made of oxygenated bleach that does most of the work for you.


Our expert suggests using this microfiber dust mop pre-treated with a dusting agent to pick up dust and dirt to prevent scratches.

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate floors is straightforward, but there are things to avoid when it comes to caring for them. Cleaning methods that will permanently damage these flooring types abound on the internet. To help break down how to care for hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate flooring, we spoke to experts about what tools and cleaning solutions to use — and what to avoid.


Our top pick in a review of mops, the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop combines a hands-free wringing bucket with a lightweight, triangular mop head that’s perfect for both mopping and spot-scrubbing on any surface.

best handheld vacs lead

The Black + Decker Dustbuster is the easiest to use, charge and empty of all the handheld vacuums we tested, with a large capacity canister and convenient built-in attachments that make it convenient and versatile enough for any small cleanup.

A handheld vacuum is a great tool to employ when deep-cleaning the kitchen. Use it to get into corners and tight spots where crumbs, hair, dirt and other debris collect, or to make quick work of deep-cleaning pantry and cabinet shelves.

pantry org lead

While clear storage bins are generally a good choice, there are times when a bit more privacy is called for.

There are so many options when it comes to finding solutions to organize a pantry and maximize storage space that it can be overwhelming to sort out what’s worth your money and what will just add clutter. To find the absolute best pantry organizing products, we scoured Amazon and enlisted experts to bring you the top-rated products that people swear by.


Riser-style shelves can hold spices, small canned goods or jars. The genius of the design is its three-tiered shelf, which makes it easier to spot items in the back of a dark or cluttered cabinet.

Tackling clutter in the kitchen can feel overwhelming, but the good news is that many problems — out-of-control food storage containers, impossible-to-grab lids, an overly stuffed refrigerator — can be solved by investing in a few low-cost organizational systems or tools.

underscored dishwasher cleaning

A dishwasher cleaner makes quick work of performing routine maintenance.

A dishwasher needs regular cleaning and maintenance to operate properly, and to prevent foul odors from developing. An off-smelling dishwasher can indicate a problem with a dirty filter, a clogged drain, trapped food particles or mold and mildew growth in the gasket seals, all of which can be addressed in a few simple steps. To break the process down, we consulted experts who explained how, and how often, to clean a dishwasher.

underscored oven cleaning

Heavy duty commercial oven cleaners work quickly to remove baked-on buildup, but gentler options are available.

Cleaning ovens, cooktops and vent hoods are dirty jobs, but regularly cleaning and maintaining a range is critical to keeping your home safe and your food tasting great. With the help of experts, we created a guide to cleaning a kitchen range from top to bottom, including gas and electric stovetops, ovens, vent hoods and filters to keep them looking their best and operating at peak performance.

refrigerator cleaning lead

Dobie Pads are non-scratch scrubber sponges that are the perfect thing for scouring surfaces without causing any damage to plastic or glass.

If you’re finding spring cleaning inspiration from #fridgegoals, a major refrigerator cleanout may be on your list of chores. After all, before you can even think about organizing apples and juice pouches into matching plastic bins, you’ll need to deep-clean your refrigerator in order to achieve the desired effect. We have everything you need to do the job.

MineDecor Stackable Plastic Storage Containers, 4-Pack

Specialty organizers, including ones for those increasingly popular tall cans, are available for just about anything you can think of.

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be limited just to cleaning — organizing projects also have their place in spring cleaning plans. Once you’ve cleaned out your refrigerator, why not invest in a few pieces that will help to make it display-worthy? We rounded up 20 of the best fridge organizers, for everything from leftovers to wine, all priced at $20 or less.

how to clean a microwave lead

White vinegar is one of many cleaning agents that can be used to leave the microwave looking like new.

Large household appliances like the refrigerator and oven aren’t the only ones that need routine care and cleaning — small kitchen appliances like the microwave should be cleaned as well. We’ve got loads of tips for how to tackle this pretty gross but also pretty easy chore.

how to clean toaster lead

A pastry brush can be used to brush crumbs out of a toaster or toaster oven.

Cleaning and maintaining a toaster or toaster oven is an important kitchen chore, but it’s easy to overlook — making it a candidate for some TLC come spring cleaning time. Routine maintenance of these small appliances will keep them in good working order and, more importantly, will keep your family and home safe from fires.

underscored how to clean airfryer lead

Perforated parchment paper liners make air fryer cleanup super easy.

Air fryers need to be cleaned regularly, and they need to be cleaned the right way to prevent damage. This guide has everything you need to know about keeping your air fryer clean and in good working order, including the best methods for addressing common problems, from sticky buildup to funky odors.

coffee maker cleaning lead

Urnex descaling powder can be used on a variety of coffee makers, as well as on other small appliances that tend to develop scale such as tea kettles, clothes steamers and humidifiers.

In addition to regular cleaning, coffee makers need to be deep-cleaned and descaled. We’ve broken down all the steps you need to know to keep every type of coffee maker in tip-top shape, from regular cleaning recommendations to deep-cleaning and descaling instructions, including the tools you need for the job.

how to clean a grill bbq

Deep-cleaning grill racks can be a dirty job, making products that do most of the work for you a good choice.

Spring cleaning season also brings the beginning of grilling season in many locales. If your grill is in need of some attention after being stored for the winter, or if you’re a year-round outdoor chef who has deep-cleaning the grill on the list of spring cleaning chores, our guide has all the tools, cleaning agents and pro tips you need to get the job done right.

Lodge Scrubbing Pad

Pan scrapers are helpful tools for removing stuck-on food from cast iron.

Spring cleaning is as good a time as any to show your cookware some love. If you’ve got cast-iron pieces that have seen better days, our guide to cleaning and caring for cast iron has tips for everything from reseasoning to removing rust.

how to clean enamled cookware lead

A brush can be useful for removing burnt-on food or scouring away stains.

Enameled cast-iron cookware has a porcelain enamel coating that is smoother and easier to clean than uncoated cast-iron cookware. But while they’re easier to care for than uncoated cast iron, the pieces can be expensive and you’ll want to care for them properly so that they last many, many years.

how to clean nonstick lead

A pot rack organizer can help to protect nonstick cooking surfaces while in storage. Never stack pots and pans directly inside a nonstick pan to avoid damaging the surface.

A great nonstick pan is a kitchen essential, but these stovetop workhorses can be temperamental, and one wrong move can leave you with a ruined pan. We consulted experts to break down the proper way to use, clean and store nonstick cookware.