6 Questions to Ask Your Nashville Foundation Repair Contractors Before Hiring Them

Are you shopping around for Nashville foundation repair contractors? While you don’t want to put off needed foundation fixes, finding the right professional can be a daunting task! Property owners often struggle to choose a reliable, affordable foundation company from their many options.

To make the process easier, consider six questions to ask potential Nashville foundation repair contractors. These questions can help you narrow down your choice and ensure you end up with a contractor you trust. Additionally, you might learn more about needed foundation repair for your property!

1. Ask Nashville Foundation Repair Contractors What They Do

It might sound strange but consider hiring Nashville foundation repair contractors who only perform foundation fixes and waterproofing. Why be so choosy in your selection process? One reason is that foundation repair usually requires a team of contractors. Two, the more time they spend on foundation repair, the more skilled their crew!

On the other hand, a foundation repair company that also offers general fixes might not have needed foundation expertise. High-quality foundation repair requires years of hands-on experience. In turn, a contractor working on other projects might lack proper training for expert foundation fixes. Consequently, choose a company that specializes in foundations and waterproofing services.

2. Ask How Long They’ve Been in Business

Since foundation repair requires years to learn, it’s vital that you ask how long a contractor has been in business! Your chosen contractor should have at least a decade of hands-on experience, to ensure their expertise. Also, a contractor should be happy to answer this question and not try to avoid it. If they have the experience and skills you need, they’ll be happy to share that information with you!

3. Ask About the Foundation Fixes Your Property Needs

Property owners should ask potential Nashville foundation repair contractors about needed fixes, and those contractors should be happy to answer your questions! A reputable contractor is always happy to explain a foundation’s overall condition and damage extent.

Additionally, he or she should note why that foundation needs certain fixes. Consequently, you’ll know more about the foundation condition itself and why certain repairs are vital. Never hire a potential contractor who resists answering these basic questions about the fixes they recommend!

4. Ask What Caused Your Property’s Foundation Damage

A reputable foundation repair contractor should want to help you avoid future damage around your property. In turn, he or she should note foundation damage. In some cases, age and everyday wear can mean foundation damage.

However, a reputable Nashville foundation repair contractor might note improper soil grading and excess moisture. Also, he or she might suggest that your gutters need consistent cleaning! Don’t take offense at their advice but consider that their suggestions show that they really understand foundations and needed fixes!

5. Ensure They Offer a Long-Term Warranty

If a potential repair contractor doesn’t offer a long-term warranty for needed fixes, speak up and ask! A contractor should always stand behind their work with a written guarantee for both labor and materials. Also, foundation repair should last for years if not decades! In turn, their warranty should protect that work for more than just a few months.

6. Does a Foundation Repair Contractor Offer a Guaranteed Completion Date?

A foundation repair contractor might run into unexpected complications once they excavate around your property. However, they still need to finish those fixes within a reasonable time! Consequently, they should offer a guaranteed completion date or some written promise of when they’ll finish.

Can You Live In a House With Foundation Problems?

A home with foundation problems is not likely to outright collapse as some people might think. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just ignore your home’s foundation issues! Foundation damage often leads to secondary issues that can make a home very unlivable.

For example, a settling foundation often means cracked walls that let in outside heat and cold. Buckled floorboards can also create a tripping hazard. Also, door and window frames get pulled out of position so that they don’t close and lock securely! Cracks also let in moisture that risks mold and mildew throughout the home.

Above all, foundation damage typically lowers home values and can make it difficult to pass an inspection. In turn, you might lose equity and struggle to sell your home down the road. Lastly, foundation repair often gets more costly the longer it’s ignored! For these reasons and more, it’s good to schedule needed fixes at the first sign of foundation damage.

How Do I Choose Foundation Repair?

It’s usually best to have your contractor recommend foundation repair methods. He or she will usually know the right repair options for your foundation design and damage extent. However, so that you know what to expect, note some common foundation repair methods:

  • Crack patching uses specialty injections that settle deep inside cracks and then dry and harden. These prevent cracks from spreading while also keeping out moisture. Simple patching is used for small, hairline cracks that don’t pose structural risks.
  • Leak repair includes exterior excavation, patching, and then coating the foundation with a waterproof membrane. Specialty drains around the foundation might also need replacing.
  • Carbon fiber or steel straps help brace bowing foundation walls, pushing them into place and keeping the foundation secure.
  • Underpinning attaches steel pins or piers to a foundation, lifting it into place and keeping it secure. For slab foundations, concrete cylinders poured under the slab also lift it and keep it in place.
  • Foundation leveling uses specialty slurries injected under a structure, which float it back into position. This process keeps the foundation in its proper position over time.

Note, too, that a Nashville foundation repair contractor might also recommend using more than one method for your structure. For example, your home might need foundation leveling and underpinning, to help keep the foundation structurally sound over the years. Also, your home might need leak repair and wall straps, depending on damage extent. Your repair contractor will ensure their fixes are just what your property needs to stay strong over the years!