Are Party Buses Fun in Boston? (Insiders’ Guide)

Do you live in Boston and are thinking about renting a party bus but aren’t sure if they’re worth the cost or not?

Well, we can answer that question for you. And here’s why:

You’ve got to remember that the cost of renting a party bus in Boston is going to be higher than just renting a regular vehicle, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you make a decision.

The truth is, partying on a party bus is an experience all its own. From the comfort and ease of being able to kick back and relax while your driver takes care of everything on their end, to the fun atmosphere that comes from being surrounded by other people who want to have as much fun as you do—there’s nothing quite like having an event catered specifically for your needs.

What Are Party Buses?

 Party buses are a great way to get people together and have fun. They’re also known as “party buses,” “party limos,” or “party vans.”

Party buses are large vehicles that hold up to 30 people and can be rented for special events. The interior of the bus is often decorated in themes like sports teams, music bands, or specific holidays. The driver usually plays music from a stereo system in the bus, and there are often tables for food and drinks inside.

The doors on these vehicles are usually wide open when you arrive at your destination. There’s no need to worry about finding a place to park because there is room for everyone inside!

What Are The Different Types Of Party Buses In Boston?

There are many types of party buses in Boston available, including limo party buses and VIP party buses. The size of the party bus you need depends on how many people you plan to have in your group.

Limo Party Bus

The smallest limo party bus is between 6 and 10 passengers, but these can accommodate up to 18 passengers. It’s best for small groups that want a more intimate space for their event.

VIP Party Bus

A VIP party bus can typically accommodate up to 24 passengers, but some can fit up to 30 passengers or more. This type of bus is perfect for medium-sized groups who want a little more space than a limo party bus offers without having to rent multiple vehicles.

Maxi Party Buses

A maxi party bus has room for 32-36 passengers at a time, making it ideal for large groups who need extra legroom or those who want to bring along their kids or pets!

Mega Party Bus 30-36 Passengers

The Mega Party Bus is the most popular style of a party bus. It’s the best option for large groups, with room for up to 36 passengers. This type of party bus is perfect for any celebration, whether it’s a bachelor party or a wedding reception.

What Does The Inside Of a Party Bus Look Like In Boston?

The inside of a party bus is usually a lot like the inside of any other bus—except that it has been converted into an all-inclusive party experience.

The flooring is usually carpeted or padded, and there are often speakers installed throughout the bus for music. There might also be a stage for performances or an open area for dancing.

The seating arrangements vary depending on the size of your group and how much room there is on the bus. For example, you may have some couches built around a table where people can sit together and talk while others can stand up and move around.

There might be a bar set up in one corner with shelves above it stocked with beer bottles, wine bottles, liquor bottles, and glasses, so people don’t have to go searching all over the place for their next drink as they enjoy themselves at your party.

These are just some examples of what can be done to make your party bus experience truly memorable!

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Party Bus In Boston?

A party bus rental costs anywhere from $100-$300 per hour, depending on the size of the bus and how many people you want to fit into it. The price of renting a party bus in Boston will also depend on whether or not you’re using it for one night or multiple nights. If you’re planning on using your party bus for multiple nights, it will be cheaper per night than if you have only one night of use planned.

What Is Included In The Price Of Renting A Party Bus In Boston?

The price of renting a party bus usually includes gas and insurance costs associated with driving the vehicle. You may also be able to negotiate an hourly rate so that your driver doesn’t get paid by the hour; instead, they’ll receive a flat fee for taking care of all aspects of driving your party around town!

What To Look For In A Party Bus Rental Company In Boston?

A wide selection of vehicles. When choosing a party bus rental company in Boston, try to find one with a wide selection of vehicles. This will give you more options when it comes time to decide which vehicle is best suited for your group.

A variety of amenities. Look for companies that offer amenities like televisions and DVD players so that passengers can enjoy their own entertainment while on the road. It’s also important that there be enough space inside each vehicle so that everyone has room to stretch out and relax during the ride.

Professional drivers who are friendly and knowledgeable about the area they serve; include knowing where all major attractions are located and how long it will take to get there from where they pick up passengers at an airport or hotel lobby (or wherever else they meet).

Finally, find out whether or not there are any extra charges associated with renting from this company. Some companies charge extra fees for mileage over 500 miles and some require drivers over 25 years old (or 21 years old). These are just some examples of what could be considered “extra” charges by some companies—so make sure you ask about everything before signing.