RV Renovation – How to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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Whether you spend the entire vacation inside or outside of your RV, it’s essential to make your RV feel like home. After all, it is where you relax and unwind after a long day exploring a new place. So how to make your RV feel like home? Here are a few tips to make your RV feel like home.

RV renovations

If you have an RV, there are many things you can do to make it feel more like home. You can install new floorings, such as hardwood, laminate, or vinyl. New lighting fixtures will also help improve the interior. You can install new fixtures with LED bulbs if your RV is dark. You can also add new furniture to the interior. For example, a new dining table and chairs can add style and function to the space.

Another important thing you can do to improve your RV interior is to paint it. Most RVs are shipped with dark brown walls, so painting them white can help the space look brighter. You can also use wallpaper, curtains, or valances to update the look of the space. You can also add sentimental items and gadgets to personalize your RV.


Consider installing new flooring if you want to add a homey feel to your RV. You can choose from various options, including carpet, vinyl, and hardwood. The rug provides a warm, soft feel to your living area and is easy to clean. It is also a friendly option for senior passengers and pets. The carpet is also inexpensive and easy to install and remove.

If you have a small RV, you may want to consider vinyl flooring. This durable material is waterproof when properly installed. However, it is not suitable for high-traffic areas. Another option is vinyl plank flooring, which is waterproof and resembles real wood.


Whether you’re travelling by RV or trailer, there are several things you can do to make your RV feel more like home. The interior can be made cozy and inviting to accommodate the entire family. Add some personal touches to make your RV feel like a home away from home.

If you’re travelling with kids, consider bringing their favourite stuffed toys and other items from home. It will help them feel at home and reduce anxiety during travel. You can also include some of their favourite books and gadgets. You can even make the lounge of your RV resemble the family room of your house.

You can make your RV look homier by hanging colourful posters and family photos on its interior walls. For easy, DIY hanging, use a nail-free adhesive hanger and mounting putty to make the pictures or posters secure. It will keep them from swaying while travelling.


Painting your RV with the same colour as your home will make it feel more cohesive. Also, it will help your decorations stand out more. Lighter colours are better for the living areas and bathrooms. You can also use dark colours to create an intimate feel. Light colours make your RV seem larger.

You can also use maps as wallpaper, as a way to remember where you’ve been. A world map or a map of the United States can be great for decorating the walls and adding a pop of colour. Throw pillows and blankets in vibrant colours will also help add colour.

Another easy way to make your RV feel more like home is by removing cluttered furniture. The colours of your furniture, walls, and floor will create a more welcoming and spacious feeling. Adding mirrors can also help you make your RV feel bigger.