Do You Need Paver Sealing in Sarasota? | A Homeowner’s Guide

If you have an outdoor patio, pool deck, or stone walkway, it’s vital that you schedule regular paver sealing in Sarasota. Sealing offers many benefits for homeowners and can mean saving money in the long run, avoiding otherwise unnecessary damage and fading!

Some homeowners put off needed paver sealing in Sarasota simply because they don’t understand its benefits, or don’t even realize that outdoor surfaces need sealing. To ensure you’re keeping your property in good condition and looking its best, consider some vital information about sealing for paver stones, flagstone, brick, concrete, and other such materials, including why it’s needed for your property.

What Is Paver Sealing for Sarasota Properties?

Sarasota paver sealing includes a thin layer of material applied over pavers, flagstone, and other exterior materials. This liquid or gel material then dries and hardens, to create a barrier against etching, scratching, fading, chipping, and other damage.

Paver sealing is similar to nail polish and paint topcoats, or fabric protection you might spray onto your furniture. Paver sealant helps repel water and surface grit, keeping materials looking like new and avoiding damage.

Do You Need Paver Sealing in Sarasota?

All exterior paving materials need regular sealant; this includes concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers, flagstone, and wood. Sealing helps avoid water damage, staining, and fading, as well as damage from drying air pollution residues, airborne pool chlorine, and soot.

While regular sealing is vital for pavement and paving materials on any property, it’s especially important for Sarasota properties! The city’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico often means layers of sand, silt, and other gritty debris settling onto outdoor pavers, flagstone, brick, and concrete. That grit is then ground into all those surface pits and pores, risking etching and scratching.

Nearby Tampa Bay International Airport, as well as the many marinas in and near the city, also mean layers of soot and air pollution settling onto pavers and exterior surfaces. This drying soot can fade those materials, drying them and risking breakage and splitting, and other costly damage.

Chlorine residue from the many pools in the city can also become airborne and settle onto outdoor pavers! Florida’s hot summertime sun can also fade and dry pavers more quickly than those in other states without constant sun exposure.

Regular paver sealing in Sarasota protects your beautiful patio, pool deck, walkways, and other surfaces from premature damage including etching, breakage, and fading. This work is especially vital in Sarasota and surrounding areas, given the added wear and tear your pavers suffer throughout the year! To ensure those surfaces look their best and last as long as possible, invest in regular sealing for your property.

How Often Do You Need Paver Sealing in Sarasota?

The rule of thumb for paver sealing is every 3-5 years, but since pavers in Sarasota often suffer added wear and tear than those on other properties, you might consider sealing every 2-3 years instead! Your paver sealing contractor can also note the overall condition of your pavers and other materials and offer personalized recommendations for your property in particular.

How Do You Prep Your Property for Paver Sealing?

Pavers and other surfaces need a thorough washing before sealing, so that the sealer adheres to those materials as it should. Pressure washing is often recommended, although your pavement must dry completely before sealing. After its application, wait a solid 24 hours before using that pavement, to ensure the sealant has dried properly.

Are There Different Sealers for Pavers and Other Materials?

Sealers will often have different finishes to create different looks when applied. For faded pavers, ask your contractor about color enhancing sealants; these will have a slight bit of pigment added to the mix, so your paver colors stand out.

Paver sealers can also have a matte or glossy finish look; matte colors are flat while glossy finishes offer a wet look. A wet look sealer is an excellent choice for patios in the shade, as this can ensure a brighter, welcoming appearance. Natural sealants are virtually invisible and are a great choice for pavers with various color tones or a specialty paint or stain that you want to see shine!

Why Rely on the Pros for Sarasota Paver Sealing

With so many sealing products on the market today, why rely on the pros for the paver sealing you need to have done? One vital reason is that a professional paver sealing contractor can inspect your outdoor surfaces and note if it needs added cleaning or other prep work, to ensure the sealant adheres as it should.

Choosing the right sealer also means a stunning finish and the most protection! A paver sealing contractor can choose the best product for your paver stone, flagstone, brick, concrete, or other such surfaces.

The right application of your paver sealing in Sarasota also ensures the material adheres as it should and works effectively. Pros have access to high-quality tools and will have the experience needed to ensure a job done right! Investing in their services will mean a stunning patio, pool deck, or other outdoor space that you’ll love to use for years to come.