What Is the Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing in Rhode Island?

Power washing a Rhode Island home or business is an excellent investment for any property owner, as this service removes unsightly dirt, grime, mold, and other debris, ensuring your house or commercial structure looks its best. Regular pressure washing also cleans away damaging algae from roof shingles as well as bothersome dust, pollen, soot, and air pollution residues, improving outdoor air quality instantly.

Before you schedule this service or head down to the hardware store to rent or buy some pressure washing equipment, you might note the difference between pressure washing and power washing in Rhode Island, as well as added information about soft wash systems. You can then make the right decision for your property’s cleaning needs and know your home or business will get a pristine, damage-free wash.

Pressure Washing Versus Power Washing in Rhode Island

First, note that pressure washing refers to any cleaning using pressurized water. If you attach a sprayer nozzle on the end of a garden hose and use that to rinse down a patio, you are technically pressure washing that space!

Most pressure washing services provided by professionals use water from your home’s outdoor bibs or taps; that water is then lukewarm or room temperature. Power washing uses hot water, not lukewarm. Power washing equipment uses a heating coil to heat that water during the cleaning process; most will have a storage tank, similar to your hot water tank in the home, to keep a reserve amount of water heated while you clean. Power washing in Rhode Island (Visit Website)

When to Use Power Washing Versus Pressure Washing in Rhode Island

While a change in water temperature might not seem significant when it comes to exterior cleaning, note that hot water can damage wood decks and fences, asphalt roofing shingles, and other similar surfaces.

It’s also not necessary to use hot water when cleaning most exterior surfaces! Even stubborn, thick dirt and grime is best addressed with various cleansers meant for dissolving outdoor debris, rather than using hot water or even added pressure.

However, hot water is an excellent choice for oily and greasy residues and for breaking up adhesives. If you need to clean oil stains from a driveway or wash your tools or engines and other car parts, or need to dislodge stickers or chewing gum from various surfaces, hot water power washing is often the best choice.

Hot water pressure washing is also often used to kill mold spores and growing mold, mildew, moss, and algae. Along with specialty treatments meant to address these irritants, hot water pressure washing is often the best choice for ensuring they don’t grow back along your home’s exterior walls or roofs.

What Is Soft Wash Pressure Washing in Rhode Island?

Soft wash pressure washing for Rhode Island properties is an excellent choice for cleaning virtually any outdoor surface. Soft wash systems start with specialty detergents or cleansers meant to be applied and then sit for several minutes, so they can break up and dissolve thick dirt, mud, dried dust, soot, and other debris.

Once those cleansers have a chance to work, low-pressure rinsing, usually just slightly stronger than a garden hose nozzle, then washes everything away. Soft wash pressure washing offers a safe clean for surfaces that might otherwise suffer damage during power washing, including wood decks and fences, asphalt shingles, exterior glass, and aluminum.

Soft wash is also an excellent choice for reducing splashing and splattering! If you’ve ever tried to clean the home’s gutters or large exterior walls, only to end up with a bigger mess than when you started, you understand the value of soft wash systems.

Does Your Property Need Pressure Washing in Rhode Island?

Some homeowners especially put off pressure washing for Rhode Island properties because they’re under the mistaken assumption that this service is somehow damaging. In truth, incorrect power washing techniques and tools can leave behind streaks or etch and scratch wood, brick, and other surfaces.

However, professional pressure washing is an excellent choice for homes and businesses. Storm debris and algae work their way around roof shingles and tiles, loosening them; pressure washing removes that debris, protecting roofs from damage. Mud and other damp debris hold moisture against brick and wood, softening these materials and risking premature damage, while pressure washing removes that damaging debris.

Mold, dust, pollen, soot, and other debris clinging to exterior surfaces can also irritate your sinuses and trigger allergies. Regular pressure washing can mean easier breathing for everyone! Pressure washing also removes debris from business signage and lighting, for a safer and more attractive commercial property.

To ensure high-quality power washing in Rhode Island, rely on a professional rather than trying to manage this work on your own. A professional contractor will know how to clean various surfaces safely, without etching and scratching or other damage. He or she will also ensure a thorough job, so that no nook or corner is overlooked for all the power washing you need to have done.