Dwellify Brings Digital-First Home Remodeling Service to Dallas-Fort Worth

Data reveals Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners encountered home remodel setbacks, Dwellify can help

DALLAS, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dwellify, a new digital-first kitchen and bathroom home remodeling service, announces today that the service is now available in the Dallas-Fort Worth marketNew research uncovered that 77% of Dallas homeowners experienced home remodel setbacks, which can be frustrating when trying to remain on a timeline. Dwellify combines a project management mobile app with a free, AI-powered designed quiz, a high definition room visualizer tool, and much more to simplify the home remodeling process and help homeowners feel confident turning design dreams into reality, without the stress.

The Dwellify Process

Dwellify is a complete home remodeling experience that provides homeowners with expertly curated design recommendations, experienced contractors, and project management support throughout the home remodel journey. In-house interior designers help homeowners understand their style and select materials, and Dwellify Home Transformation Specialists manage the project timeline, purchase materials, secure permits and more, allowing for a streamlined process.

“Dwellify eliminates stressors for the homeowners by taking the guesswork out of a home remodel,” said Greg Larson, CEO of Dwellify. “The Dwellify service ensures that the homeowner feels confident about their decision to move forward with a home remodel by providing expert interior design recommendations, transparent budgets and timing, materials sourcing and more, allowing for a very seamless process.

Dwellify offers various pricing packages – Original, Plus, and Premium – to ensure homeowners can find remodeling solutions that fit their financial needs. Homeowners working with Dwellify get a firm project budget before demolition that will not increase throughout the process. Dwellify also provides financing options to ensure that customers can achieve their design dreams and pay over time.

Dallas-Fort Worth Homeowner Survey

According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research for Dwellify, over half of Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners (51%) found the overall time it took to complete the remodel was overwhelming and 41% noted that the project took longer than originally anticipated. However, the data revealed that much more than half (70%) spent more than they originally budgeted for. Additional findings include:

  • Remodels are found to be overwhelming. More than half of local homeowners (52%) who undertook a kitchen or bathroom remodeling say the length of the project was an overwhelming aspect and they wished they had more help.
  • Staying on budget is valued. Time and money are never too far apart, and for more than 2 in 5 homeowners (41%), the overall cost proved to be very surprising. 70% say their project cost more than expected, including 21% who said they spent more than the original estimate.
  • Professional help is appreciated. Nearly half (47%) attempted to execute a remodel with little to no professional help, and a surprising amount (49%) regret not hiring a professional.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners aren’t satisfied with their remodel. Over half of homeowners (51%) were less than completely satisfied after their personal home remodeling experience, 53% reporting that the project didn’t turn out exactly as expected.

To get a free project estimate or work with Dwellify in Dallas, visit www.dwellify.com. The new Dwellify mobile app is available to download in the Apple and Android App Stores.

About Dwellify:

Dwellify is a “one-stop-shop” home remodeling experience, guiding homeowners through a step-by-step process for turning design dreams into their dream home. Dwellify’s turnkey technology and design-driven experience combines interior design, materials sourcing, contractor relations and project management, all with a commitment to transparency, reliability, and collaboration.

Survey Methodology:

Online survey by Wakefield Research for Dwellify to 200 Homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth DMA that completed a kitchen or bathroom renovation in the past 2 years.

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