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Awesome Ideas to Incorporate on Your Big Day for Great Memories to Last a Lifetime

The average wedding in America today will cost an average of $33,391. It goes without saying that when you have a budget of $33,391, you must ensure it is a day to remember for both you and the guests. No doubt every couple looks forward to having the time of their lives exchanging their vows in the presence of their friends and loved ones. Here are some awesome wedding ideas that will ensure you have the most memorable time of your life and of course give your guests something to talk about many years down the line.

You can learn more here about how you can share your love story on your wedding day with your guests. All you need to do is simply create a timeline of all the relationship milestones achieved from the first day you met to the D-Day. You can always start sharing your love story right from the main entrance to allow people to start reading about your love as they come in. After that the milestones can keep unfolding as people move towards the altar with the final love story featuring at the altar. Your guests will most definitely be entertained as they wait for the ceremony to start. The same love story can be featured on the reception tables. You simply have each table of the reception with a photo and a short narration of the stage of your relationship at that point in time.

You might also want to look at changing your food menu and breaking off the tradition as you learn more ways you can stretch your creativity. You certainly don’t have to subject your wedding guests to a boring menu of the traditional foods they are used to in their homes, or that boring traditional cake flavor they can find in the cake shop, now do you? How about you introduce a new twist to the food menu by inviting the food trucks to bring in mouthwatering delicacies for the D-day? You can also break the norm with the traditional wedding cake and have your guests served with doughnuts, ice cream sundae bar or even cupcakes.

Entertainment is the last part of your wedding you wouldn’t want to gamble with so be sure to keep your guests happy, entertained and energized throughout the day and night. Most people do this by having live music band, orchestra or choir that ensures the guests connect with the theme of the day. Just a quick tip you wouldn’t want to learn the hard way, ensure there is music all the time, albeit in low tones. Take the time to learn more about great wedding ideas, and you are sure to have a memorable day of your life.