How to Find The Best Plumber

Looking for a reliable and competent plumbing professional? But between scams, poorly done work, unqualified craftsmen or bills that fly away, you can quickly find yourself with unpleasant surprises.

To avoid disappointment, we give you seven tips to help you choose your plumber.

4 tips to find the ideal plumber

Finding the best plumber near me is not always an easy task, but to have peace of mind, it’s worth it! Follow these 4 tips to help you find yours.

1. Do your research

The Internet is a great place to start your research. Obviously, the larger the sample size when doing a search, the more likely it is to find the right solution.

  • Ask your friends to share the names of the professionals with whom they had a positive experience, read the reviews posted online and check out the different web pages that include a summary of the service providers offered. The more you know, the better you will be!
  • The plumber you hire should hold a license issued by a recognized professional corporation. He should also have good references. You can ask for more. Again, a larger sample gives better results.
  • Experience, thoroughness and above all reliability are qualities to look for the best plumber.

2. Do your homework

If you want to install a new shower, it would be useful for you to know as much as possible about the work to be done, before giving the contract. Do your homework.

  • Ask at the shops and trade shows about the nature of the work, even if you know very little about the renovation. This will be beneficial to you.
  • If you want to install a new sink, it’s a good idea to determine what type of sink you want and how much you are willing to pay, and to have basic knowledge about the different types of pipes.

3. Request a quote

Once you have completed your research, you will probably have reduced your list to three or four service providers. The next step will be to ask them to calculate a price for your project.

Requiring a quote is a very good way to know how much it will cost you for your project.

4. Ask for guarantees

Most plumbing parts and components come with guarantees, but service and maintenance are not always covered. Ask the professionals if they offer the service; their answer will help you to decide.

  • The most experienced plumbers generally offer a service guarantee on the work they perform. The duration of this warranty can be a good indication of the plumber’s confidence in his abilities.

    Finding a good plumber – or even the best plumber – can be a headache, especially for first-time homeowners, new homeowners, and those looking to change professionals after a bad experience. This task is never easy. Finding a competent plumber, however, is a peace of mind – and it’s priceless!

    Once you have selected interesting ads, sort them. To be sure you have chosen the right professional, you must:
  • Select it according to your needs: there are different types of plumbers: the plumber, the multi-service plumber, the plumber-heating engineer … Opt for the professional whose skills are closest to your needs.
  • Give priority to the most qualified professional: before calling on the services of a service provider, make sure that the latter has the required qualifications. A good plumber must have a minimum sanitary and thermal installer CAP. Some providers do not have degrees special, but they have extensive experience offsetting this. Do not hesitate to ask for his qualifications before hiring him.
  • Check his prices and make sure he meets his commitments: you will know that you are dealing with a good plumber if he presents a fair and clear quote, the amount is neither too low nor too high. Before making a choice, also make sure that he has the insurance and guarantees necessary to intervene at your home and that he respects the deadlines you have set.


The price of a plumber can vary from one professional to another and depending on the type of intervention. If it is an emergency or a repair, always ask for the price of the intervention before moving your craftsman. An accurate diagnosis of the problem is necessary to determine the tariff of the intervention.

Ask for travel fares and the hourly labor cost of the plumber. Check if he makes his quotes and compete by asking for several quotes. To find out more about the rates charged according to the work requested, read our article on the prices of plumbers.

Why go through a professional plumber for your work?

You’re right, some tasks like unclogging the sink pipe with a suction cup or replacing a faucet joint are very easy to accomplish, and do not require the presence of a professional craftsman.

For larger projects, however, such as installing a water heater, starting central heating or replacing a faulty pipe, it’s better to have a professional in the field.

The plumber, the guarantee of a quality service

Are you rather stuck in DIY? This is a good thing, but it is not enough to carry out important plumbing work in good standing, and especially, in the standards in force.

The majority of plumbing work, especially in the sanitary field, is subject to strict regulations regarding safety and suitability.

Trained and graduated by contrast, the plumber is the only one able to guarantee a job well done and respecting these requirements.

The plumber, to get state subsidies

Some plumbing works, especially those designed to improve the energy performance of your home, are eligible for subsidies and financial assistance from the State such as ANAH (National Agency of Habitat), the better living premium, the help of the CAF, etc.

However, these are granted only under certain conditions: hire a professional to carry out the work is part of it!

The plumber, to bring your project to fruition!

Plumbing work, even the simplest, requires a lot of skill and therefore experience. Some even require a lot of patience!

Insofar as plumbing problems are rarely visible, you may encounter a lot of constraints on the job site.

If you are not very patient and you do not have enough time to fully invest, you may want to give up before even halfway.

Having a lot of experience in the field, the plumber is not let go by the unforeseen.

He is able to cope with all the constraints and can adapt to all circumstances.

The different types of plumber intervention

The plumber can work at home in two ways:

• On appointment
• Emergency

The intervention by appointment

Plumbers usually come by appointment when it comes to large jobs because they take a lot of time, and you will need the professional until the end of your job.

The works requiring an intervention by appointment are numerous.

Here are some examples: the sanitary installation, that is to say the installation of the supply networks, as well as the evacuation of water throughout the house; connection work that connects all parts to the distribution network; repair of a significant water leak; replacement of worn or defective equipment, etc.

Emergency intervention

It is also possible to involve the plumber without an appointment. But this is only possible in case of emergency, and for repairs that cannot wait and that you cannot adjust yourself, such as gas leak, water leak, pipes too often clogged, etc.

During his interventions, your plumber can proceed to the maintenance and the maintenance of your system.

Why ask for a quote before choosing a plumber?

As incredible as it may seem, scammers are plentiful, even in the field of plumbing. The canvassing and the payday scams are the most denounced to date by customers who had to pay hundreds of dollars for the unplugging of a pipe that took only a few minutes, and because they were obliged to buy a new piece recommended and sold by the plumber.

To avoid being the victim of such abuse, there is only one way: before hiring a professional, ask for a quote!

The quote, to make the right choice!

Insofar as the fees of the plumbers are not regulated, and that each of the professionals is free to fix the tariff which it wishes, by asking not one, but several estimates, you will be able to make play the competition and opt for the benefit which costs the least expensive. And this, while ensuring quality!

The estimate does not only inform you about the possible cost of your work, it also gives you precise information on the nature of the services and materials for which you will pay. If a detail does not suit you, you have every right to refuse the offer and move to another.

The quote, not to be fooled!

This document will also enable you to assert your rights in case of dispute over the fees to be paid at the end of the work.

The law requires the trader to respect his commitments and the price he has mentioned.

Once the work is done, he will not be able to charge a cent more than the amount mentioned in the estimate for additional costs, due to unforeseen complications.