Pricing A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Charleston SC

As a historic city in South Carolina, Charleston is home to a fine mix of notable and modern structures that give the city a unique feel. Repair works of varying degrees are either completed or still underway on almost every street in the area. For many homeowners, the bathroom is one place that can easily boost the value of a property.

The bathroom is probably the most important and most used room in any home, so it is a staple room for every home shopper. If you are like many homeowners and you’re ready to give your bathroom a makeover, it is important that you know the bathroom remodeling costs in the Charleston SC area, before contacting a contractor or a handyman in Charleston for a quote.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Bathroom remodeling cost may vary, depending on the size, its current condition and type of materials used. Typically, bathroom remodeling in Charleston costs $3,000 to $30,000. This price includes the average labor cost for bathroom remodeling in Charleston, the average cost of materials and equipment, as well as the cost per square foot.

Bathroom Remodeling Options

Bathroom remodeling usually means a total tear out. However, a tear out isn’t always necessary. The bathroom may require partial or cosmetic makeovers which may include the replacement or removal of certain parts of the bathroom. Even if a full remodel is done, you may choose which options work best for your project.

  • Cost of Remodeling Per Square Foot of a Bathroom

The average cost of remodeling per square foot of a bathroom costs $120 to $275, depending on the cost of labor and quality of materials used. If this is a DIY project, it could cost as low as $70 to $100 per square foot. However, you need some level of experience to undertake bathroom remodeling on your own.

  • Cost of Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Remodeling a small bathroom costs $2,500 to $10,000. The general makeover of a bathroom of 40 square feet in size would set homeowners back about $5,000, while minor renovations and basic upgrades could cost around $3,000 or less.

  • Cost of Remodeling a Full Bathroom

A full bathroom makeover in Charleston will set homeowners back about $6,000 to $15,000. While the layout would remain the same, there would be a total tear-out here, including changes to the fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, showers, wall tiling, flooring, and painting.

  • Cost of Remodeling a Master Bathroom

Remodeling a master bathroom in Charleston would cost about $10,000 to $30,000. But opting for a luxurious master bathroom makeover could set you back up to $50,000, as this will include sophisticated fixtures, walk-in shower, upscale lighting, trendy flooring, and everything in between.

Average Cost of Labor for a Bathroom Remodel

Labor cost could take up about 20% of your total remodeling budget, which could mean $1,300 to $4,500. Depending on the contractor’s specialty, labor cost could set you back $40 to $100 per hour.

Average Cost of Parts and Materials for a Bathroom Remodel

Many different pieces are put together for a bathroom remodel, and each piece comes in a range of styles and options which could affect their price. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of materials used for a bathroom remodel:

Item Cost Range
Countertops $200 – $2,000
Sinks $50 – $5,000
Flooring $300 – $1,000
Showers $400 – $6,000
Plumbing $400 – $2,000
Vanity $200 – $20,000
Light fixture $50 – $300
Doors and windows $200 – $1,500
Mirror $30 – $500
Paint $50 – $200
Exhaust fan $30 – $350

Additional Considerations and Costs

  • If you have pets at home, you may want to make arrangements for a pet-friendly bathroom, with features like a hand shower to make for easy washing.
  • If necessary, make arrangements for a makeshift bathroom during the renovation.
  • Be prepared for hidden damages, especially due to water leaks, during the tear out. Preparing a contingency fund of 20% of your budget may cover these costs.
  • Ensure your contract clearly outlines deadlines that your remodeling contractor must work with so you know what to expect.
  • Ensure the agreed amount and payment schedule is set in a written agreement before the project begins.