If you’re new to lawn care you might have been told or you might have read somewhere that you need to scarify your lawn. But what is scarifying? What is scarifying and how does it benefit your lawn?

What is scarifying?

Scarifying is simply applying scarifying material, such as scouring sand, sandpaper, or gravel, to your lawn. The lawn material removes the dead wood, dead branches, and unwanted plant material from your lawn. The best scarifying material removes all plant material from your lawn. This helps ensure that your lawn will have a healthy green lawn over time. To find the right material, you can always take a look at

Does it damage your lawn?

Scarifying does not damage your lawn. It’s lawn care technique and does not hurt your lawn. Your lawn will be left with a green lawn and beautiful appearance. Scarifying is an environmentally friendly lawn care technique. What’s more: it helps your lawn to live a long healthy life and help reduce our carbon footprint.

A natural process

Scarifying is in fact a natural process in your garden and is basically same as grass care techniques.  Scorching and scarifying is an alternative lawn care technique. It involves allowing very hot water to trickle down your lawn’s blades, then leave the scorching material (scorching compound or sand) to absorb into the grass and then just leave the sand to sit on top of the blades. It is an environmentally friendly method of lawn care. However, it may damage the grass to the degree that you might need scarifying.

What is ground scarifying?

During ground scarifying you are covering ground that we can no longer use as fertilizer. You’re just leaving dead plants where you can’t pull them out anymore. This method helps to prepare the ground for future planting and harvest.


Diking is a natural process that involves the piling up of gravel or very small pebbles on top of our lawn grass. Then we just leave this diking material on our lawn for several months. Then we can plant in it and take down the diking material every year to year. This method helps you prepare the ground for planting.


Composting is a natural process that involves the burning of organic matter on top of our lawn grass. Then we bury this in a hole and then let it rot away. This process helps us prepare the soil for planting.

Deep scarifying

Deep scarifying is a natural process that involves burying very large pebbles down to several feet down onto our lawn grass. After this you cover this with a layer of soil and then cover this again with soil. Then just leave this covered for several months and then you can plant. This method helps you to prepare the lawn soil for planting.