Common Tree Problems that Require Professional Trimming and Removal

Tree trimming and removal by Orange County Tree Services professionals is an essential part of home maintenance. A tree that is not cared for can cause many problems in a home, including fallen limbs, water damage and even structural damage. Learn when you need to call in the pros for tree trimming or removal and how they can help you with your trees!

How to Trim A Tree

The first step in trimming a tree is identifying the type of tree you have, and its characteristics and habits. For example, some trees grow faster than others; some are more susceptible to disease or pests; some like full sun while others do better with shade; some need annual pruning while others can go several years without any maintenance at all. Once you understand what makes your specific species unique, you can make decisions about how frequently it needs trimming based on those factors alone (or in combination).

Why You Should Trim Your Trees

There are many reasons why homeowners choose not to maintain their trees regularly–sometimes because they don’t know how much work goes into maintaining them properly; sometimes because they don’t have time for such maintenance tasks; sometimes because they don’t care about having healthy plants around their house! Whatever the reason, you should always keep an eye out for signs like dead branches falling off unexpectedly during storms/windy weather events where these could cause damage such as breaking windows/glass panes etc.

Inspect the tree for any signs of injury, such as:

  • Broken or cracked branches, which may have been caused by strong winds or animals rubbing against them.
  • Wounds on the trunk, which can be caused by bark beetles and other insects boring into the tree’s bark to lay eggs that will hatch into larvae that feed on its cambium layer (the tissue between its outer bark and wood). In this case, you should contact an arborist immediately if you suspect that your tree has been infected with an insect infestation; chemicals are available to treat these kinds of infections but must be applied before they spread throughout your yard!

Water damage

Water damage is a severe problem for trees and can be caused by a variety of things, including:

  • Heavy rain or snow that saturates the soil around your tree’s roots. It prevents oxygen from reaching them, leading to root rot and other problems.
  • Tree limbs rub against each other in high winds, which can cause damage to bark and branches as well as splitting apart pieces of wood that are still attached.
  • Lawn Mower accidents–if you have an old-fashioned push mower, you might want to consider upgrading!

Tree disease

Some diseases can infect the trees, including fungal, bacterial, viral and abiotic diseases. Fungal diseases are caused by fungi that infect the roots or trunk of a tree. Bacterial diseases are similar to fungal infections but are caused by bacteria instead of fungi. Viral infections lead to symptoms such as leaf discolouration and premature leaf drop without any other noticeable signs of disease; however, these symptoms may also be caused by environmental stressors such as drought or harsh sunlight exposure so you must consult a professional arborist if you suspect your tree has been infected with one of these viruses before taking action.

Damaged structure or foundation

It is an emergency if a tree is leaning over a house and threatening to damage it. The tree may be uprooted by strong winds and fall onto your home. In addition, if your roof has been damaged by falling branches or other debris, you’ll need professional help.

The same goes for other structures like fences and garages–if they’re being damaged by trees nearby, it’s best to have them removed as soon as possible before further damage occurs.

The problem for your home, family and property

A neglected tree is a big problem for your home, family and property.

A professional tree service can help prevent damage to your home by ensuring that the trees are trimmed properly so they don’t crash into or break through the roof of your house. They also remove dead branches that may fall on you or someone else in the family. A professional knows how to properly trim around power lines so that they aren’t damaged during work done on them either!

In conclusion, it is essential to remember that trees can cause many problems if they are not cared for. It’s also important to know what kind of tree you have and how much maintenance it needs before hiring someone to trim or remove it from your property.