Six Tips for Cold Storage Efficiency

Ensuring your cold storage facility is working efficiently is essential to ensure the quality and freshness of your produce and also to prolong the lifespan and cost-effectiveness of your unit.

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Condenser Unit

The condenser unit can collect dust and debris, so making sure you or one of your colleagues knows how to clean it and that it is done regularly should become part of the general maintenance routine.

Evaporator Coils

Keeping the evaporator coils clean and free from obstacles will ensure the airflow and efficiency of your unit. Always keep it clear and check that staff know not to block the surrounding area.

Building Checks

Developing a routine of regularly checking the building which houses the cold storage unit will mean any repairs that are needed can be done before they cause bigger problems. Cracks and damage can affect the temperature, and this will in turn make maintaining the correct temperature much harder. As with all buildings, the longer your leave a damaged roof, for example, the more costly this will be to repair, so act as soon as you spot a potential problem.

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Having adequate food storage for all the latest food trends will mean you are ahead of the game. Plant-based foods and colourful vibrant fruits are being predicted as the upcoming trends for the new year, so start planning now.


Get into the habit of checking the temperature inside your unit daily. Not only will this mean you are meeting the regulations set for food storage, but it will also highlight if there are any faults straight away. Companies such as have walk in cold rooms where the temperature can be checked easily.


The cold storage unit will be accessed regularly by potentially several members of staff and at different times of day, so it is likely that the lights will be in regular use. Using LED lights minimises energy consumption and so is a far more cost-effective option.

Doors and Seals

The more air that can get into your storage facility, the harder it has to work, which will ultimately cost more money and reduce the energy-efficiency of the unit. To ensure you get maximum performance from your cold storage, get doors professionally fitted and ensure the seals are suitable.